Angelina is Jordan Karte's sister. She is a model, a DJ and an Actress


Angelina was born right after her sister Jordan. She often does music with Jordan and they were both discovered at the same time. Angelina was a model. Angelina and Jordan became famous together, Angelina had a bunch of photo shoots and everything. When she was 13 she became a starlet. She was in movies and she became a dancer. She wrote some music on her sisters CD's and she became a DJ when she was 16. Her favorite song would be castle on a cloud from Les Miserables, her favorite movie. She's played in the Kids are Alright and she has guest starred in Disney's JESSIE. She has produced 2 albums called Diamonds with her sister Jordan and Lucky Man with her best friend, Russo



Angelina is a sweet girl, very pretty and very nice.


The Kids are Alright



  1. Diamonds
  2. Lucky Man