• BeatriceMillerIsTheBest

    My Characters

    November 16, 2013 by BeatriceMillerIsTheBest

    Hello, all my little swaggies (You already nkow not to be offended by that). I would like to make an announcement that I have just deleted all my characters. This is because I've been inactive for a long time and I want to get a fresh start on the wiki. They will be replaced by different characters. 

    The reason why I'm letting all of you know this is because that means that all my characters I had before, now, never existed. I am recommending to remove any of my chars out if your character's relationship section or history if needed. Sorry that this blog is really short, but I needed to let all of you know this so you won't be confused later on.


    I'm feeling breathless, losing all my senses, falling like a house of cards. 22:07, Nov…

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  • Audrajoye

    School showcase

    July 28, 2013 by Audrajoye

    Hello students,

    Its that time of year again!  Time for the School Showcase!  We are going to start it on the 1st of August through the 3rd.   Sign up in the comments what your character is going to do!

    Alison Carter-Dance solo

    Lauren Mckay-Movie   

    Carter Hollis-Singing Duet

    Evelynn Blake-Singing Duet

    Paris Moore-Movie


    Gabriel Knight-Singing

    Felicity Buckingham -Singing Duet

    Darren Rhylands-Singing Duet

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  • MoonlitCastle

    Big Plotlines

    July 23, 2013 by MoonlitCastle

    Hi y'all,

    Moonlite here. I would like to ask, is there any major plotline that involves the whole school going to appear soon? It seems like a good idea if we start big stuff so we can get the major details out of the way and later on we polish the fine details like DARP did. Please comment your thoughts below

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  • LoveLaughKenzie


    May 24, 2013 by LoveLaughKenzie

    Hey everyone!

    I just created out first Wiki policy:

    Please read it and consider the following. I will be continuing to make out policies I just wanted to share our first one. (it will most likely be expanded, as well.)


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  • LoveLaughKenzie

    Awards Show

    February 20, 2013 by LoveLaughKenzie

    Hey guys! It's Kenzie. I wanted to tell everyone to go vote for the Crystal Star Awards, even though you probably have. I think this awards show will be really fun! I am currently in the middle of setting everything up, including the host. I am also setting up a time and date that will fit everyone's schedule. Most likely it will be a weekend, and please message me any days you know you will not be available to go on and post. If you have any ideas, message me for that, too!

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  • TheGoodDeath

    Admin Positions

    February 1, 2013 by TheGoodDeath

    I think this is a bit unorganized, so I think each admin should be in charge of different things. Like @ DARP, there should be:

    Sorting- Sorts characters, helping new users

    Out of Character- Updates site, keeps track of stuff going on in general on Wikia

    Activity Implementation- Makes sure everybody is posting, that kind of stuff

    Who is with the idea? And who wants to be in charge of which?

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  • TheGoodDeath

    Wikia Alliances

    January 30, 2013 by TheGoodDeath

    There is a new thing called Wikia Alliances going around. The purpose of it is to help advertise the wikis. I quote from the post: "Choose an Alliance and your wiki will get updates about exclusive content (think beta codes, star interviews, giveaways, etc.) from member communities. Communities that participate will receive the badge on their community, proudly showing their alliance and giving first-access to this extra content. Plus, your community will get promoted on the hub to which it belongs, on Wikia’s Twitter and Facebook accounts, and you will be listed as member in the links below for all the world to see."

    There are three groups in which to join: Fantasy Fellowship, SciFi Galaxy, and Heroes United. I personally think we belong i…

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  • BeatriceMillerIsTheBest

    Hello to all my swaggies! (don't be offended by that). In my opinion people deserve to have an emoticon. So if you want your own emoticon or you want a new emoticon just leave the image in the comments and write what words you want to use for it. Example:

    • (Love)
    • (Love Quote)
    • (Pink and Purple)

    Remember to leave your requests in the comments below!

    Over and Out,

        Swaggy Chic

    PS. To see all emoticons we already have visit: MediaWiki:Emoticons

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