Evelynn "Evi" Blake
"Shine as bright as the sun."
Vital statistics
Title Actress, Singer, Dancer
Gender Female
Age 16
Height 5'5
Hair Colour Blonde
Eye Colour Blue
Grade 11 (Junior Year of High School)
Family Jackie Blake (mother), Owen Blake (father), Caleb Blake (brother), Lintley Blake (sister)

Evelynn "Evi" Blake Actress • Singer
-"Shine as bright as the sun."

"Hey, I'm Evelynn. Here you can read about my wonderful life. Welcome!"

Evelynn Ashton Blake is currently an 11th grader at California School of Arts, where she pursues her career.


Evelynn was born on November 1st, 1998 right outside Hollywood, Califorina. Even as a child, her parents knew she would be a star, becuase of her bold actions. Evelynn's parents were both directors, and worked within the movie business. Evelynn lived with her 2 siblings, Caleb and Lintley. All three kids had took part in plays, dances, and everything performance related. When she was just 12 years old, Evelynn recorded her first album. It sold well, and she became a child star. She guest-starred on channels like Disney and Nick. Evelynn starred in her first movie, directed by her father, a year ago.


She has golden hair that glows in the sun, and has brown natural highlights. Sometimes she dyes her the ends of her hair bold colors like pink or green. Evelynn's eyes are a blue-grey that are the exact color of the ocean. Her skin is light/fair, and she is a bit above average height. 


She is usually nice and kind, but when she is focused on her "career", Evelynn might seem serious because she easliy gets stressed, especially about her singing. Evelynn is average in school, and cares a tiny bit more about her career than her education. She is very friendly though, and is easy to get along with.


Alison Carter-Evelynn's best friend.

Paris Moore-Evelynn finds her rude, mean, and selfish. They haven't talked much, but Evelynn knows Paris hates her for competing for a role in a new movie.