Gabriel Knight
17 garrett hedlund picture
Some attributes
First Hair, brown
Second Eyes, blue
Third Age, 16
Other attributes
Fourth Height, 5'7
Fifth Partner, Alison Carter
Sixth Grade, tenth


Gabriel was born in the city of Los Angeles in California to his mother and father, Amy and Bob Knight. He spent his time as a primary school student there, hiding his talent for singing as he was bullied and did nothing about it until he could get away from it. He finally decided to enter his school Talent Show and change peoples opinion of him by singing. His parents saw this show and suggested him to this school and he is growing up here. Life is as good as can be.


He is unfailingly kind, except for when his friends or his girlfriend especially are being bothered by someone, then he gets annoyed, he is sweet, loving and affectionate towards his girlfriend but he can become very competitive when it comes to his singing.



This guitar goes everywhere with him, it was bought for him by his mother and father before he left for this school, they were hoping he could learn and he did. This guitar has encouraged him to do a lot of things in life, and express his feelings in music.