Kylie waas born in a far away land called Estonia, and she lived there until she was 3, and she is very fluent in estonian language

Kylie has been famous since she was 5, she was a starlet with her best friend, Angelina Karte. Kylie is a singer, song writer, model and a DJ with her best friend. Kylie used to be a little stressed being famous and all, but then she kinda got used to it, after about 11 years. Her mom would be with her every step of the way. She has written an album with her friend Angelina Karte called Lucky Man and they are working on another one called My Life in a Story.


Kylie is b***** sweet, and really nice when she wants to be. She makes a great friend and really genuine


Lauren Suzanne




  1. Lucky Man
  2. Coming Soon!