Liadan Mackenzie O'Reilly
Some attributes
First Hair: Blonde

Ancestry: Irish

Second Eyes: Green
Third Talent: Singing & Piano
Other attributes


She was born on April 14, 1998 in the mid afternoon. She grew up liked school and got good grades, and loved coming home and showing her mother, and sometimes her brother. When she was 10, her little sister, Kelsey, was born. She sometimes took care of her when their mom went out to the store. Liadan proved to be responsible and for a reward for it, she got a dog, a yorkie/chihuahua mix. When Liadan started high school, she soon became one of the popular girls, although she does not want the entire school to know her. She has a close bunch of friends, whom she invites over to her house often.


She is a sweet girl who loves competition (especially with her older brother). She likes music and hanging out with friends. Sometimes, she needs her space.


  • Liadan's dog, Bran
  • Hat 1
  • Hat 2
  • Hat 3
  • Hat 4


Liadan's mother hired a piano/singing teacher to come to her home and teach  Liadan how to play the piano. Liadan enjoys the lessons and became very good at the piano, as well as singing.

Liadan's father, a lawyer, very often comes home late, so she does not get to see him alot. She does however, have a strong bond with him.

William and Liadan are the competitive siblings, but they cheer each other on. William is in the local football (soccer) team, so she goes to his matches.