Blond hair, blue eyes and 6'0 tall. On his palms is are sunflower tatoos which are symbols of life and death.

Max Twist


A calm person who is almost never angered. Yet he expresses all of his anger and other emotions into his diary. He also never judges a person by their outside and would say hello to any things with a good heart. He also has asthma, but only his nanny and dad know abut it since he is embarrassed about it.


Max was born on the 19th December in San Diego. He was left on the doorstep of Dan Twist's house and was there when Dan came home from work at the local hospital. At first Dan wanted to put Max up for adoption but when he looked into Max's blue eyes he knew he couldn't give him away and adopted Max the next day giving him the name Max after his own middle name Maximus.

Max grew up with his dad being a bachelor and an well paid surgical doctor, yet at the sometime a loving father. Dan took time off while Max was a baby until he started school. After words Dan hired a Nanny to look after Max when he was busy, which was quite often but he was always open to his son about advice.

As Max grew older he eventually learnt that Dan was't his father and that he was adopted, but that fact never changed their relationship and they only grew closer to each other. After Max turned 8 he got really interested in music so his dad braught him a guitar. Soon he self taught himself how to play and how to sing.

Max then started out singing to patients in long term care as a way to cheer them up. By 13 Max was well known by the staff in the Hospital his dad worked and the patients. At school he was granted a scolarship in California School of Arts and went there after he turned 14.



Name Relation Feelings
Dan Twist Father He may not be my birth father but he is my dad and nothing will change that
Harriette Ramsey Childhood Nanny He was always there for me, my mother figure for me
Alison Carter Interest She is just so beautiful, positive and ready to try almost everything