This is the bedroom of Paris Moore.

Rules: No one else is allowed in but Paris, Lexi, and Lauren. You must knock.


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Lexi Model • Singer • Actress
-"People say Nobody's Perfect,but they're wrong,because I am!"

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She grinned. "My parents put a whole load of money into the account for me to find some good special effects equipment. I have the latest DJ rack for the karaoke scene, with gold discs and stuff- and a professional DJ. I've got the best light guy in all of California and the camera man everybody's talking about- I'll be able to burn it to DVD and we can put it on anywhere we like. I've set up an ad, and it's up on the biggest billboard in California- and I have persuaded most cinemas to advertise us! The set's all done, props and all, got the best make up for Lauren to use, and some good modeling companies'd like to talk about us using their brands for the movie."

Paris Moore Model • Singer
-"I'm Paris, and I'm fabulous, duh!"

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She lay in bed, her eyes glued to the television screen, but her mind was on something else. Paris turned her head towards Lexi and sat up. "Thanks, Lex. I know the movie will be great." She wanted to be excited, but she just- wasn't.