Amanda Gracelin

Amanda Gracelin's biography. She is a character from "My Dark Dilemma"


She is stupid and rich. She is also kind and sweet. She has streetsmarts. Lots of people think she's the stereotype popular girl but she isn't.


She was born January 3, 1998 to Jane and Michael Gracelin. She was born a month premature and had to get 2 shots everyday from the day she born to 10 years old. She became the popular girl of her school in Junior High. There she became best friends with Michie Chirlaka and Hayley Mifio. 

Her house

Clothing TypeEdit

She mostly wears cool colored clothes patterned with stripes.


Michie Chirlaka - Best friend

Hayley Mifio- Best friend

Luther Blu - Enemy

Portrayed byEdit

Alison Carter