Love is all you need!
Vital statistics
Title The girlfriend of Andrew
Gender Female
Age 16
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Family 5 siblings.

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Personality: Always happy-go-lucky and flirty, she is a sweet girl who wishes everyone good luck. She loves being like little red riding hood, its kinda her thing when it comes to her photos. She is very geeky, i mean comon she sings Retor songs.. She is also very social and loves Doctor who and she doesn't wear glasses nor braces but she has her tv show.

History: Janury,4,2000 her brith mom gave her away to the local opharnage in Italy and wasn't raised there but she stayed 4 months until the Fairfeilds took her away along with  Whom was 1 years old, Rebecca was 4 years old and they were both natural progities of singing. By the time they got the house they sang a song called: Wannabe. It was retor styled singing but it was acually pretty cool how they sang it together. Rebecca and her sister lived very fullfully and comarfable childhoods. They found out how their mom gave them up, becuase she was super poor and unhealthy. There dad was a drug adic and a pickpockter.So thats why, and when Emmi was born the Fairfeilds adopted her as well. The fairfeilds wanted children becuase they thought they couldn't have any.But Sally was born, when Janniee was in the school of Acdademically Prized Progizys, and Rebecca was in the middle shool of Muscallly Awared Porgizies.

They went there at there current age of 12 and 16.

Possions: A small necklace gaven to her by her birth mother

What her family looks like:
  • Janiee
  • Sally
  • There young looking mom at the age 43
  • Dad
  • Emmi
  • So, ya Birthdad
  • Birth mom


Rebecca Boyfriend watching
-Drew's Girfriend or Singer

 Age: 16  Height: 6.7  Weight: 121
 Sexuality: Straight  Relationship Status: In a Relaship
 Health Status: Heathly  Job: Boyfriend watching
 – Love is like a flower, it blooms whenever you hang out with a loved one

Name Relation Feelings
Andrew Dawson Boyfriend I love him.
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