Sherlock Dove

The Logical thinker
(This Character Belongs to Sherlock)


Benedict cumberbatch

He met Jane at an expressive arts school. She was there with her six children. He fell in love with her but assumed she had a husband. He could tell. She did.

For a few weeks Jane and her daughters didn't turn up and when they did they seemed sad. Looking at her Sherlock could tell that there had been a death in the family. Her wedding wing now looked dirty and she seemed to fiddle with it constantly. He realized it must have been her husband who had died. He told her he was very sorry about the death she was confused because she knew she hadn't told him about it. He explained how he knew and Jane smiled slightly at his clever ability.

She later fell in love with him also and they married. They had two children together, Ellen and Maddie and have been together since.



He is kind, logical, very clever, gorgeous and generally amazing! He can usually tell a lot about you from just one glance.

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Sherlock Dove
Gender male
Family Jane (wife)
six step-daughters
two daughters
Status Alive
Eye Colour Blue
Hair Colour Ginger
Height 6'4"
More Info
Affiliation His family
Weapons N/A
Pets N/A
Home The Dove Mansion
Quests N/A
Name Relation Feelings


Wife Love her
Sylvie step-daughter Love
Neva step-daughter Love
Lena Step daughter Love
Verity step- daughter
Lily step daughter
Ellen daughter Love
Maddie daughter love